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christian blogs come let us celebrate

Come, Let Us Celebrate

We have all had the experience of looking for a lost item. A number of years ago, my wife’s purse disappeared. She was pretty sure…

christian blog repent or else

Repent or Else – A Review

What would you write if you were to send an open letter to a church? What would Jesus write if He were to write an…

Five Reasons You Should Convert

(If you haven’t done so already.) Conversion, as we discussed in the last blog I wrote back in October, can have several meanings, depending on…

christian blogs jesus samson solomon

Jesus, Samson, & Solomon

What do these three people have in common? Samson was strong. Solomon was wise. Jesus healed many people. No, these are not differences. Each of them had a supernatural gift. When they set their heart to doing what was right, nothing stood in their way, no powerful warrior, no agile lawyer, no crippling disease.
christian blogs christian celebration

A Christmas Celebration

We are excited to celebrate Christ’s birth once again this year! Worship with us here, as we break our Faith Series in James, with this…

chrisitna blogs thank you

Thank You!

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness through this year! At our recent Appreciation Banquet, J. Mark shared how we gained interest in reaching Central Asia.…

christian blog squandering the inheritance

Squandering The Inheritance

The Prodigal Son is a story told to cliché: he is the classic ‘rich kid’ who spent all his money. But what does it mean to spend the inheritance early?
christian blogs finishing strong

Finishing Strong

2020 has been a most unusual year! Will you help us finish this year well and begin 2021 poised for additional growth? One opportunity is…

christian blog more than one bible

Do You Have More than One Bible?

We have been hearing from many people who have received Bibles! In one of the following testimonies, a recipient mentions that until recently, only one…

christian blog true religion

True Religion

Religion is a word that often gets a “bad rap.” Perhaps it is because it is seen as something formal or dead. Karl Marx famously…

christian blog the word in french

The Word in French!

We are so grateful for the opportunities God has been providing to get the Word into the hearts of many across the world. Along with…

christian blog jesus as lord

Jesus as Lord

But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say? Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings and…

christian blogs conversion


It’s fascinating. So many similar words have a very different meaning, depending on very minute details.  It can be a letter or two change in…

christian blog vote with confidence

Vote With Confidence

Soon, voters in the United States will go to the polls to choose our next president and a host of other elected officials. In the…

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