How Can I Do More?

Ad-vo-cate: one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group. 

Have you ever heard someone say, “I wish I could do more?” Have you ever said that? Most of us have. Often, it’s in the context of wanting to meet a spiritual need or to alleviate suffering in some form. But there are so many needs in the world, we sometimes feel overwhelmed.  

Let me suggest a way you may be able to do more for the work of the kingdom that won’t call for a major commitment of time or expense. 

Become an advocate for Heralds of Hope (HOH).  

Reread the definition of an advocate at the beginning of this post. You’re most likely already a partner with us. So, think about your circle of friends.  Are there two or three people in that group with whom you could share your excitement about what God is doing through HOH?  

We have several events coming up in October (see here). Three of these events are Banquets; one each in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Would you be willing and able to invite friends and host a table of eight people, especially inviting those who’ve never attended an HOH event? It’s pretty simple, and it’s a win-win for you and them! It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but you end up getting a good meal and time with your friends, and they get exposure to the ministry.  

Also, some of these events are programs in local churches. If one of them is in your area, you can do the same thing as above; you just don’t get a meal. Bummer! Knowing what I know about church life, it may be as simple as convincing your friends to attend a Sunday evening service. Your pastor would certainly appreciate that too!  

If you’re not close to one of these events, there are still things you can do. Why not invite a couple of friends to listen to our podcasts on Spotify, or urge them to visit our website, listen to one or more of our teaching episodes, and then ask them for their feedback? If they’re not so tech savvy, give them our call-in number, 717-790-5503, where they can listen to The Voice of Hope on their phone. Or we can supply printed materials you can share with them. If they have questions you can’t answer about HOH, one of our staff would be happy to chat with them.  

So, the next time you hear someone say, “I wish I could do more,” that’s your reminder to become an advocate for HOH. And if there’s any way we can assist you, contact us via our website, via email, [email protected], or by calling us toll-free @ 717-485-4021.

Thank you for your support,
-J. Mark Horst