“The Word” Has Arrived!

7 11 2022

Who makes books? We do! What are they about? God’s Word. There are possibly more opinions in the world than there are people, because our words outlive us. But only one book stands eternally, God’s Word.  So, this is where exposition starts, not with an opinion, but with an open Bible. Men will even go so far today as to write entire books of opinion without so much as a reference to the Word of God. But here, as the truth is laid out, the Scripture is present. You can compare the words of J. Otis Yoder with the Word of God, to plainly compare and avoid any error. 

What was the first book of the Bible recommended to you as a young Christian? Was it the Gospel of John? I don’t know where you are in your journey. Maybe you’ve read it 20 times already. If you want a good grasp of the Gospel story, this study resource will not disappoint. It will take you deeper, but with startling clarity. The timeless nature of Scripture is preserved in the commentary, eternal principles presented in an always-relevant manner. 

If you would like to explore this series in audio format, that is also available on our “Listen” page.

If you would like to go beyond the commentary “textbook” and test your understanding of the material, you can also access the 2022 Hope Herald study guide.

You can request “The Word” in print, and you will receive a printed Hope Herald study guide for a limited time.

-Eric Druist

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