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International Radio Broadcast

When you partner with us to fund our International radio program, Hope for Today, you are helping to accomplish an important ministry goal. You can help our team to circle the globe with the Gospel by equipping us to add more radio broadcasts in more countries! Right now, we are touching 116 different countries with our Hope for Today program. Your donation can help make that number increase! View our Hope for Today ministry page to catch the heartbeat of this mission.

General Fund

Do you feel burdened to give, yet feel peace to leave the decision up to us? By donating to our general fund, you can expect your donations to be used in one very important way. If funds for a specific ministry run low, your donations will be directed to meet its financial need. For example, if a radio broadcast bill is due for the Hindi Broadcast and we have not received sufficient funds to cover it, we can pay the bill despite the deficit thanks to the funds directed to our General Fund. No need to feel pressured to have a specific burden, your love gift will help reach thousands of precious souls with the Gospel through our General Fund!

Bible And Literature distribution

You can put free Bibles and Christian teaching resources into the hands of hungry truth-seekers and fellow believers! Real, tangible, and FREE Christian Literature is priceless and rare in many international countries. Our Free Bible and Literature Distribution provide hungry souls with Bibles, Bible study tools, devotionals, tracts, and more! Check out our Christian Literature Page and see for yourself what all you will help provide by donating towards our Free Bible and Literature Distribution. Your donation can help us sustain and expand this crucial ministry!

More languages! More Christian teaching resources! More HOPE!

To donate to our Canadian Office, click here or send an e-transfer to [email protected].

Our Desire for yOUR Donations

Now He who supplies seed to the sower… will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10

Do you have a burden for spreading the Word of the Lord? Did you know that you can help reach thousands of precious souls all around the world with the Hope of the Gospel just by clicking a donate button? Never in the history of the world have people like you had the opportunity to make such a widespread impact. It is an incredible reality that from your kitchen table or living room couch, by clicking a few buttons and typing in a few words, those simple actions affect hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. This history-making reality is due in part to our modern-day technology. It is true, technology holds the pathways for both good and evil.

However, in the Church and specifically at Heralds of Hope, we choose to use our modern conveniences, like the internet and radio, for good and as a powerful tool in furthering the Gospel! You are a vital part of completing this mission!

What may seem to you like just a bit of money or time on your part, results in a harvest of souls and increased righteousness!

When you partner with a non-profit organization like Heralds of Hope, you may donate non-profit, however, you receive a return that is eternal and priceless! Lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupts!

Adopt a Broadcast

Before you feel overwhelmed with the idea of sponsoring a whole country or specific area all by yourself, think teamwork! Rally your church, friends, and family, and together, change the world from your church basement or gathering room! Our vision is to utilize the unity of the body of Christ, and specifically individual, or collaborating churches in this sponsorship program! Here is a snapshot of what our Adopt-An-Area Program involves!

Sponsor the Broadcasts

Pray and Correspond with Listeners

Respond to Special Requests

We have obtained channels to reach the world’s most spiritually needy places with Christian teaching. You and your church can become an integral part of this vital mission and together make a global impact for eternity!

Are you ready to Adopt-An-Area? Do you wish to learn more? Enjoy learning more about our Adopt-An-Area Program as well as learning about the possible areas you can sponsor!  

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