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Do you wish you could listen to Hope for Today Radio Program, yet perhaps your country is not on the above list? Good news! You can still access our past radio broadcasts online, for free! Enjoy the flexibility of listening to the study of God’s Word on your own schedule! Our past and recent podcasts of our Christian Radio Broadcasts are provided in the following 6 languages with more to come soon!

…Lo, a great multitude…of all nations, kindreds, and people, and tongues stood…before the Lamb (Jesus), clothed with white robes…

Revelation 7:9

A christian radio ministry uplifting people of all languages!

Did you know that from EVERY nation, EVERY tribe, and EVERY language on the globe, Jesus Christ is calling individual people to follow Him?

God desires and delights in a multi-cultural Church. A beautifully diverse group of Believers who hold to a similar purpose. To love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves. (Mark 12:30-31)

God loves diversity and creation itself attests to His love for variety.  

Whatever tribe, race, or cultural background you wear woven into your life’s existence, know this…God is calling you to be a part of His Kingdom.

By listening to our Christian Radio Broadcasts, you will dig deep into the Word of God as you journey through the intentional study of different books of the Bible. If your desire includes growing in your knowledge of God, studying the Bible in-depth, and walking away with a deeper understanding of the Word of God, you are at the right place!

Our Christian Radio Ministry, Hope for Today, provides you with this priceless opportunity!

What Does hope for today
Offer You?

Hope for Today, developed in 1975, is our international Christian Radio Ministry created with one important purpose. Hope for Today offers you the chance to listen to solid Christian teachings in your own language. We partner with 116 different radio stations all over the world who then supply you with a 15-minute, weekly radio program. You can look forward to hearing a thoughtfully planned expository teaching that includes journeying through Books of the Bible like Daniel, or James.

Whether you just came to Christ or you have already started your Christian journey, our Christian teachings can help lead you from conversion to spiritual maturity!

See if your country is on our International List!

Did you find your country? If so, check out our Hope for Today Radio Broadcast Schedule to discover the radio station nearest to you and what time to catch our next broadcast!

You Can Sponsor a Country!

Do you wish our radio program were available in a certain country? It can be! If you feel a burden to partner with our ministry in bringing the Gospel to all nations! If you wish to rally your church together in bringing more Hope for Today Radio Broadcasts to spiritually hungry people, unite with Heralds of Hope and become a part of circling the world with unshakeable HOPE!

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More Hope Awaits You!

Are you looking for more ways to learn or to grow spiritually besides our Christian Radio Ministries? If so, Heralds of Hope offers you more than just free Christian Radio! Whether you wish for more Christian teaching resources, or are currently wrestling with questions about God, the Bible, and the meaning of life, we are here to equip and to walk beside you!