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“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to ALL nations…Matthew 24:14

Welcome! While we wish we could get to know you over a cup of hot tea or fresh brewed coffee and share our story with you in person, we hope that the following information will help bridge the distance until that time. It is our desire that you feel warmly welcomed and deeply appreciated for stopping by!

Heralds of Hope invites you to join our passion and mission for spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the entire world.

We invite you to take a seat and enjoy the delightful adventure of getting to know…

Our Vision

We will use media to make disciples of Jesus Christ to accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime.

Our Mission

We enable you to reach the unreached with the gospel, in a language you do not speak, right from home.

We network with in-culture believers to supply Bibles and produce simple and engaging, biblically accurate, culturally relevant Bible teaching in print and audio.

We use media (internet, radio, and the printed page) to spread the message to every tribe and tongue.


As board members, employees, partners, and volunteers, we are committed to

  • Our triune God and His unchanging, inspired, inerrant Word: The Bible.
  • Developing our listeners and readers into passionate followers of Jesus Christ with visible fruit of holy living.
  • Focusing on expository teaching of the Scriptures.
  • Our Anabaptist hermeneutic of literal Biblical interpretation and application.
  • Placing priority on the “unreached” and “unengaged” people around the world.
  • A Biblical standard of ethics in all business, ministry, and relationship matters; we will choose integrity above appearance (2 Corinthians 8:21).
  • Growth in our spiritual, emotional, relational, and vocational spheres.

What we offer

allow other people to hear gospel radio

Christian Radio Broadcasts

The Voice of Hope, our thirty-minute weekly program began June 2, 1968, is broadcast in the U.S. twenty-one times each weekend on stations in seven states. The format is a unique blend of acapella music and expository Bible teaching, with commentary on current issues.

Hope for Today, developed in 1975, is a fifteen-minute program of Bible exposition designed for an international audience. The English program is aired weekly in Canada, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is translated into Albanian, Arabic, Amharic, French, Guarani, Hausa, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Nepali, Oromo, Pashto, Spanish, Swahili, and Turkish. Listen to several languages here.

woman with Bible

Bible Distribution

Since HERALDS OF HOPE, INC. believes the Bible is the revelation of God to man and the source of truth and salvation, a free English Bible has been offered on the English “Hope for Today” program to listeners who do not have a Bible. Since 1975, more than 230,000 Bibles have been mailed to individuals.

Literature Distribution

Literature Distribution

To complement the radio ministry, we operate an in-house print shop. Our monthly newsletter and prayer guide, sermon booklets, paperback books, the “Hope Herald” Bible study magazine, two tracts and a yearly calendar are all produced in our facility.

Mail response to the English outreach has come from 180+ countries. Response to the fourteen other language broadcasts is processed by program producers.

Audio category

Audio CDs

Our collections of CDs offer a wide range of subjects from in-depth Bible exposition and uplifting acapella music to “Uncle J” classic children’s stories.

What We Believe


That there is only One True Holy God
who is eternal, all-wise, all-powerful, all-knowing,
everywhere present, unchanging,
existing as Father, Son, and Spirit.

(Isa. 45:5-6, 21, Psa. 1:1-2, Psa. 139, I Tim.2:5-6)

The Bible

That the Bible is the Self-revelation
of God to mankind for this age;
that it is fully inspired by the Holy Spirit; that it is inerrant in its original writings, authentic in its records, authoritative in its decrees, universal, timeless in its message,
the standard by which all shall be judged.

(Heb. 1:1-2, II Tim. 3:14-17, I Pet. 1:19-21, John 17:17, Matt. 5:17-18, Psa.119:89, Rom. 2:14-16)

Creation and Mans Fall

That the Triune God is the Creator of all things, visible and invisible; that the Genesis account of creation is literally true; that man through disobedience fell from his position of innocence;
that all people need the mercy of God, offered in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

(Col.1:15-16, Gen. 1:1-31, Gen. 3:1-24, Rom. 5:12-21)


That Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by a miracle was born of the Virgin Mary as her firstborn; that by this He is fully God and fully man; that He will perfect the complete reconciliation of all believers; effect the universal restoration of all things by His sinless earthly life, His atoning death on the cross by the shedding of His blood, His literal bodily resurrection from the dead, His confirming ascension to the right hand of God,
His present-day ministry of intercession for believers, His personal return to earth.

(Matt.1:16-25, Lu. 1:26-33, Lu. 2:1-7, Phil. 2:5-8, II Cor. 5:17-21, Eph. 1:1-14, Heb. 4:14, 16, Heb. 9:22-28, I Cor.15:1-26, Heb. 1:3-14, Heb. 7:25-28, Rev. 19:11-21)

The Holy Spirit

that the Holy Spirit was sent and came upon the disciples at Pentecost; that all who repent of their sin through faith in Jesus Christ receive the Holy Spirit; that He indwells, cleanses, leads, and enables believers to live and witness to the glory of God.

(Acts 2:1-438-39, I Cor.12:1-3, John 14:16-18, John 16:13-14)

The Church

that the church is composed of all and only those who truly repent of their sins and believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord;
that by the Holy Spirit, in harmony with the Holy Scriptures, true believers live a holy life; that all such make up the body and bride of Christ.

(I Cor. 6:9-11, Col. 3:12-17, Eph. 4:11-16)

Christian Living

that the Christian Life is total commitment to the Lordship of Christ; that every Christian is entrusted by the Lord with the stewardship of the Gospel; that Christians will conduct their affairs consistent with this commitment and entrustment so that all they are and have contributes to the spread of the Gospel.

(Luke 9:23-26, Matt. 28:16-20, I Pet. 1:13-23)

The Devil and his Demise

that there is a personal Devil who is the arch-enemy of God, and all good; that he is seeking to deceive all people and take them to eternal ruin.

(Gen. 3:1-5, Job 1:6-22, II Cor. 11:13-15, II Pet. 2:1-3)

The Return of Jesus

that there will be a bodily return of Jesus Christ for His bride, the Church, at which time all believers who have died will be resurrected and all living believers will be changed.

(I Cor. 15:50-57, I Thess. 4:13-18, Rev. 19:19-21, Rev. 20:1-6, I Cor. 15:22-24)

Final Judgment

that there will be the Final Judgment in which God will condemn the devil to the lake of fire along with all who have not believed in Jesus Christ, where they will suffer eternal punishment; that all believers, by the grace of God will enjoy forever the presence of
God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with all the angels in the new heaven and the new earth wherein dwells righteousness.

(Rev. 20:9-10, Rev. 21:8, Rev. 21:1-7, II Pet.3:13-14)

We Have A Word from God!

Carl F. H. Henry, our senior theologian, statesman repeatedly warned us that modern man denies the existence of absolute truth. Liberals delight in that denial for if there is no “true-truth” then each one may pursue his or her own interpretation of truth without accountability to anyone else.

This concept is almost as old as humanity. The serpent in the Garden raised the question with mother Eve, “Did God Say?” He maligned God’s word by casting up doubt in Eve’s mind. Such doubt has flourished all through the centuries. Prophets, priests, preachers, and professors have questioned the truth of God’s word again and again until the people in the pews and the students in the classrooms are left, as it were, hiding in the garden, afraid to face the God who speaks only truth.

Our generation needs to reaffirm an unqualified commitment to the Holy Bible as the Word from God. Indeed, if we have no true word from God, then we are in a terribly oppressive silence. But we have the word from God in the sixty-six books of our Holy Bible!

This Statement of Faith is the basis on which Heralds of Hope, Inc. has been ministering from the beginning in 1967. Everyone serving with Heralds of Hope, Inc. subscribes to the Statement of Faith. Board members renew their commitment at every annual meeting. We send it forth so all will know the foundation on which we serve as we reach out to the world with messages of HOPE AND TRUTH.

Philosophy and Objectives

Pursuant to the purposes outlined in the Articles of Incorporation, it shall be the basic objective of Heralds of Hope, Inc., in all its undertakings to bear witness to the truth, as set forth in the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and all its policies and programs shall be governed by this basic objective.

While recognizing the exclusive quality of truth with respect to error and keeping clearly in view the need for positive proclamation of truth, even when this involves controversial matters, it shall be the purpose of HERALDS OF HOPE, INC., to heal rather than unnecessarily to wound, to unite God’s people on the foundation of God’s Word rather than to divide. Hope, springing from unswerving confidence that God’s truth proclaimed in love shall triumph, both in individual experience and in the whole of human history, shall be a dominant note in all the witness of the programs undertaken.

HERALDS OF HOPE, INC., shall be as conservative in its emphases as the Rock, Christ Jesus, upon Whom His church is built, and as liberal (liberating from shackles of bondage) as the divinely revealed Truth, which to know is to be free indeed.

Uncompromising integrity and fervent love for the brethren, expressed through sincere respect for those who may differ, shall be maintained in the witness of Heralds of Hope, Inc., and of those who carry forward its programs. In this it shall always be recognized that love and respect for those who may differ sincerely does not preclude vigorous challenge to viewpoints and assumptions represented, nor vigorous presentation of witness deemed to be in accord with revealed truth.

Meet Our Partner Ministries

At Heralds of Hope, we partner with indigenous ministries to help them spread the Good News and the love of our Father to their own people. We believe in equipping our fellow saints in building up the body of Christ.

Meet Our Staff

meet our staff j mark horst

J. Mark Horst

Bible Teacher

My primary responsibility is to prepare, record, and produce all radio programing. In addition, I assist in administrative work such as Newsletter prep, writing for the Prayer Guide, and purchasing supplies.

meet our staff arlin horst

Arlin Horst

Director of Development

I work remotely, developing areas of support and ministry with international partners. I am also creating a support network with area churches and training individuals to do localized PR programs.

meet our staff jeremy sensenig

Jeremy Sensenig

Donor Development

I work remotely assisting the CFO with planning PR events and making contacts with attendees and hosts for these functions. I also work with the donor office in identifying regular donors and working with grants.

meet our staff tony high

Tony High 

Executive Director

My role is to assist the administrative team with finances, public relations events, and office management. Previously I worked with information technology, so I also aid with in-house IT and web development.

meet our staff rachel horst

Rachel Horst

Reception & Publications Office

I answer all phone calls and emails directed generally to the ministry. I also manage the design for the print materials and advertising. Along with this, I prepare board reports, agendas, and minutes.

meet our staff rachel horst

Crystal Martin

Accounting Office

I take care of processing donations and making sure donor information is up-to-date. I also assist with accounting and bookkeeping. I manage the email Bible and Literature requests from internationals and assist in shipping as needed.

austin musser meet our heralds of hope staff

Austin Musser

Director of Finance/Information Systems

My job involves working with the different aspects of finance and reporting and keeping our IT Systems running here at HOH.

eldon martin meet our heralds of hope staff

Eldon Martin

Media Production Manager

My job includes producing and curating HOH digital content for distribution on various internet platforms. In addition, I handle mail room tasks such as fulfilling orders and packing materials for public relations events.

Meet Our Founder

christian radio station founder dr j otis yoder

Dr. J. Otis Yoder

christian radio station founders j otis yoder and isabelle k y

Dr. J Otis & Isabelle Yoder

Otis Yoder was born the seventh child of Levi and Mary Ellen Yoder, homesteaders in southeast Colorado in 1914. In his second year, he became very ill; his godly parents dedicated him to the Lord in prayer, and the Lord healed him. The following year, the Yoder family moved to Midland, Michigan, where Otis grew up in a growing church community. Here he was baptized and later ordained into the ministry at twenty-three years old. He did not take this call of the Lord lightly. In his high school years at Eastern Mennonite School, he developed an evangelical witness. There he met another diligent Bible student committed to serving the Lord. This friendship, by the will of God, lasted sixty-five years. In 1939, J. Otis and Isabelle King, daughter of Abe and Alice King, were married. The Lord blessed them with a son and a daughter: John Otis II and Constance. Five grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren came as blessings from the Lord. J. Otis, in his careful Bible study, pursued the Bible languages, Hebrew and Greek. He studied at Eastern Mennonite College (now University), Goshen College, Faith Theological Seminary, and Northern Baptist Seminary, where he earned his Doctor of Theology degree in 1954. The synonyms of the New Testament compared to their use in the Septuagint was his thesis study. This greatly enriched his ministry. He taught at Eastern Mennonite for fifteen years with Greek as his priority. His first sabbatical year was spent studying and teaching in Jerusalem, along with travel in Bible lands.  In 1967, the Lord called J. Otis to leave the classroom for a wider ministry. In answer to this call, he founded HERALDS OF HOPE, INC., an organization committed to taking all the WORD to all the WORLD. The next year, HERALDS OF HOPE, INC. launched the 30-minute radio program, THE VOICE OF HOPE. Five years later, in answer to an invitation from Trans World Radio to begin international broadcasting, a second program, HOPE FOR TODAY, began. Arabic was the first translation and has expanded to 16+ other major languages. J. Otis answered God’s final call in July 2003. For the glory of Jesus, the ministry continues under the leadership of J. Mark Horst, who is likewise committed to the Word and the mission. The message of HOPE circles the globe, reaching much of North America, and, in cooperation with TWR, the nations of the world.

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