Call in for HOPE

“The Voice of Hope” was first broadcast on June 2, 1968, from WDAC in Lancaster, PA. This was the 73rd anniversary of the patent of the radio by Guglielmo Marconi. It was also the 93rd anniversary 1 of Alexander Graham Bell’s first sound transmission. We have been on the air for many years, and we continue to expand into the digital realm, but we haven’t forgotten older media. Many of the sermons you hear on the radio have become books and booklets. These have been distributed and read countless times around the world. But we did miss one opportunity from above. Does anything ring a bell?

That’s right, the telephone! You can now call in to “The Voice of Hope” from any phone at any time. You can listen to this week’s message or a previous one. Did you miss a broadcast? Are you without internet? No problem, just call us up.

In the United States, you can call: 717-790-5503

Internationally, please call: 1-855-329-4673

If you know someone who would appreciate this opportunity, please share it with them! Perhaps they call in to listen to church services on Sunday mornings. Maybe they spend a lot of time listening on the conference line. Save it as a contact on your smartphone and share it with friends. Then pray for a blessing on those who hear.

Caller Instructions:
1 – Play this week’s message
2 – Play last week’s message
4 – Return to menu
5 – Pause/Play
6 – Forward five seconds

-Eric Druist

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