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The Voice of Hope
The Voice of Hope
Does Jesus Care?
  • Does Jesus Care?

    Does Jesus Care?

    Jul 13, 2024 • 00:29:01

    Mark 6:30-44 Reverend Frank Graeff was a pastor in Philadelphia in the late 1800s. He had a radiant personality and an ever-present smile. Because of his cheerful outlook on life and simple faith, he was nicknamed, “The Sunshine Minister.” Although Reverend Graeff’s nickname indicated a life filled with joy, he…

  • The Lord’s Messenger

    The Lord’s Messenger

    Jul 6, 2024 • 00:29:01

    Mark 6:14-29 As a young person, I was an avid reader. Because of that, I enjoyed the literature classes I had in school. Back then, we were assigned to read different types of classic literature. One author I remember was Edgar Allen Poe.             I read one of his short…

USA and Canada Radio Program

Voice of Hope

If you are in the USA or Canada, enjoy free Christian Radio Online by choosing the Voice of Hope. If you are based internationally, choose Hope for Today for your free Online Christian Radio.

Spiritual Inspiration, Hope, and Truth Await You!

Voice of Hope Radio

Are you looking for a 30-minute, weekly radio program? If so, The Voice of Hope is aired on radio stations in 11 U.S states as well as parts of Canada. Hear beautiful Christian music and listen to clear, simple teaching from the Bible that can be applied to your everyday life. Enjoy an in-depth study of books of the Bible like Daniel or James. Discover which radio station to tune into as well as the Voice of Hope Broadcasting schedule!

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Would you enjoy listening to online Christian radio on your own watch? Or perhaps you understand English, but you are not from either the US or Canada. You can still listen to our past broadcasts online for free by checking out our Christian Teachings Episode Explorer. You have 24/7 access to these online Christian radio podcasts. Enjoy our latest broadcasts but on your own time!

International Radio Program

Hope For Today

Afghanistan, Barbados, China, Haiti, Ghana, etc.., Hope for Today provides you with a 15-minute weekly program. Enjoy powerful, simple, and solid teaching from the Bible with practical applications for your life! Discover if your language or country is on our Hope for Today broadcast list and tune into your local radio station!

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Discover if your language or country is on our Hope for Today broadcast list and tune into your local radio station!

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Give ear and hear My Voice, listen and hear My Words.

Isaiah 28:23

Did you know that there is a difference between hearing and listening?

In fact, the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes the two as very different. Hearing is defined as, “the process, function, or power of perceiving sound.”  Basically, the ability to hear. On the other hand, Listening is defined as, “paying attention to sound; to hear something with thoughtful attention; and to give consideration.”

You probably can relate to moments where someone is talking and you “hear” them, but you could not repeat what they said. Listening takes effort, focus, and intentionality. It is not enough to just hear the Words of God; you must also listen if you want your life to experience spiritual transformation. Online Christian radio offers you the chance to listen to His Words! Are you ready to listen?

Are you hungry to grow in the Lord? We all have experienced the desire to grow in Jesus as well as the tension of keeping our ears and hearts ready to listen, rather than being distracted or simply going through the motions. Our online Christian radio provides you the opportunity to hear and to listen to the Word of God.

Dear friend, God desires to speak to you. The Creator of the Universe has messages for you throughout His entire Word. However, His Voice is still and small, and often “hidden.” If you wonder at times, why you feel disconnected from God or why the Heavens feel silent, consider this…God wishes to be listened to, are you truly listening?

Yesterday is past, today is a new day to focus your heart and ears on the Words of God! If you wish to make the best use of your commute, add purpose to menial daily tasks, strengthen your spiritual muscle during your exercise routine, or add thoughtful reflection to your devotions, online Christian radio is your solution!

The Heralds of Hope Online Christian radio offers you a chance to glean from a consistent weekly radio program or listen to our past broadcasts with 24/7 access!

Got Hope?

Friend, are you feeling discouraged? Lonely? Heavy in your heart? Heralds of Hope offers you free Christian radio online, however, we also stand ready to pray with you, to wrestle through difficult life questions with you, and to offer you the Source of unshakeable HOPE!

How can we pray for you?

find hope while listening to our online christian radio

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