The Voice of Hope

All Scripture is…profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.

2 Timothy 3:16

Your Audible Gateway to In-depth Study of the Bible!

Are you ready to dig into Scripture with renewed vigor? Need a bit of inspiration? Do you know what words are missing from the verse mentioned? Ready for it?

2 Timothy 3:16

“…Breathed out by God!”

Enjoy the full power of the verse. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” How do you feel about the power of Scripture now?

Perhaps you feel a new flame of desire added to your already growing hunger for more meat from your study of the Scriptures. However, do you feel at a loss to find more understanding or meaning behind certain passages of the Bible? Do you wish to go more in-depth with your study of the Bible, but not alone?  

You are certainly not alone in these desires! We understand the yearning for in-depth study of the Bible, which inspired the creation of the Voice of Hope!  Listen. Learn. Live It.

What Does the Voice of Hope Offer You?

The Voice of Hope began as a 30-minute weekly radio program in 1968, and today is broadcasted in 12 different U.S. states as well as parts of Canada. When you tune into the Voice of Hope broadcast, you can expect to enjoy a prelude of beautiful Christian music followed by expository Bible teaching. You will enjoy digging deep into the books of the Bible such as the Book of James or Daniel and walking away with truths and practical applications for your life.

Listen to Our Past & Most Recent Broadcasts

Wait! Even if your state or county does not air our weekly broadcasts, our in-depth study of the Bible is still available for you! Listen online, any time, to our past broadcasts. When you listen online to the Voice of Hope’s in-depth study of the Bible, flexibility offers you countless opportunities to soak up God’s Word. Whether you are driving to work, eating lunch alone, walking in the park, or kicking back after a hard day’s work, just pop your earbuds in or turn up the volume, search Voice of Hope, and enjoy digging into God’s Word..

You Can Sponsor a Radio Station!

Are you interested in giving to a specific cause this year? Did you know you can help more people in the USA hear weekly broadcasts of the Voice of Hope? With your help, we can add additional radio broadcasts to new counties or states within the US. Or you can help sponsor a radio broadcast in an international country!

Rally your friends, your family, and your church, and together, you have the power to open the doors for hundreds of thousands of precious souls to hear the Inspired Word of GOD!

Sponsor a radio station and promote in-depth Bible study.

More Christian Teaching Resources Await You!

Do you wish for Christian literature of your own? More Bible study tools? A Bible? Heralds of Hope offers you FREE Christian teaching resources in addition to our free online Christian radio. We stand ready to supply your spiritual needs! Your spiritual vitality is our top priority!

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