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You Local Church Can impact the World Globally

“Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Philippians 2:2

Do you believe two are better than one? Do you know that the greatest changes in the world happen through the unified vision of a committed group of people? Do you know how the transatlantic slave trade was abolished in 1807?

Ultimately, the slave trade was abolished thanks to a small group of unified Christian men and women.

your Church can be the Change

Do you wish for a vision or ministry your church can rally around? Perhaps you long for your church to become unified in the expansion of the Gospel to the ends of the earth! The amazing reality of the day in which we live is this…your whole church “can go to Africa together”! Or the Middle East, Asia, or South America! You and your church can minister to precious souls all over the world from your local church basement!

international Change without planes

Instead of spending money on plane tickets for short-term missions, imagine investing that ticket money into connecting with a specific country and area within that country. Your church can start connecting with individual truth-seekers and new believers in meaningful and life-changing ways even without leaving the runway.

Bridge the Gap to Jesus

How would you like to bridge the distance between the comfort of the USA and the world’s needy places while equipping your church to utilize their material blessings in making an eternal impact? Deep down, everyone wants to be involved in something bigger than themselves, the challenge lies in bridging the desire with action!

If you and your church wish to come together in a unified vision to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth, then our Adopt-A-Broadcast Ministry is for you! We care deeply about the understanding and the spread of the gospel around the world. We care deeply about utilizing the power and authority of the Church in unified vision! We have obtained channels to reach the world’s most spiritually needy places with Christian teaching. Adopt-An-Area ministry has sprung out of these passions and offers you the following opportunity. Now your church is the missing piece of this mission!

What does “Adopt-a-Broadcast” Ministry Involve?

Choose a Country and Specific Area

Start this journey with your church by bringing everyone into prayer over which country and which part should be chosen. Allow prayer and group discussion to lead the way and/or explore the country and area possibilities.

Your financial contributions will provide Christian Radio broadcasts to the chosen country and its area.

Pray and Correspond with listeners

Your church will connect with the listeners of the radio broadcasts by offering prayer and communicating by letters.

Respond To special Requests

You can strengthen your congregation’s faith by learning to respond to special requests like questions about God and the meaning of life. Or connect the listener with Christian materials such as Bibles and Bible study tools.

Are you wondering how Adopt-A-Broadcast plays out internally for your congregation?

Here is an idea of how your church will take ownership of this ministry.

  • Publish Your Own Teachings
  • Appoint and/or Sponsor Local Field Directors
  • Organize Response to Requests from Listeners
allow other people to hear gospel radio

By partnering with Adopt-A-Broadcast, You and your church can help blanket a certain area of the world with Christian teaching, encourage global believers, and enjoy the benefits of using your material resources to build the Church globally!

Heralds of Hope is Ready to Partner with You!

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