Ministry Update: In Person Is Best

The last two weeks of July saw the High family traveling west to visit five churches to share the vision of Heralds of Hope. Thanks to a generous board member, we were able to do it in a motor home with the entire family. None of us had been any further west than Missouri, so this was an exciting adventure.

On the way, we made a few sight-seeing stops at the Ark Encounter, Capulin volcano, and Colorado Springs, CO. Our favorite part of the trip was meeting new friends and even some long-time friends.

Our first stop was Spring Hill Mennonite Church in Latham, MO, where only a few were familiar with the work and ministry of Heralds of Hope. It was exciting to share what was happening around the world. We were able to catch up with relatives before leaving the next morning for our next stop in Oklahoma.

By late evening, we encountered a heavy thunderstorm but made it in time for supper and our program in Heavener, OK. Here we were received graciously and were able to update Light and Hope Fellowship on their sponsorship of a broadcast in the Balkans. We did not have any personal contacts in this area, but by the end of the evening we had many new friends.

On Friday, July, 22nd we worked our way across the state of Oklahoma towards Colorado. Here is where we had our first flat tire and 100-degree heat. After inquiring at the place we stopped, I learned there is a tire shop just down the road. Despite a language barrier, I was able to get a used tire and get back on the road. Several hours later, we realized the toilet was overflowing! Yikes! By this time, it was time to stop traveling for the day, and we were able to find an RV park to empty the tank and clean up.

On Saturday, we stopped by a dormant volcano in Capulin, NM and took in the beautiful scenery, and finished our journey to Canon City, CO. The next day, Sunday, we gave a presentation at Skyline Mennonite Church and then headed south to Trinidad, CO. The drive to Trinidad should have been a nice 2-hour drive, except that about 30 minutes from our destination, we blew another tire. This time we had to take care of it ourselves, with no helpful tire shops nearby. Although we were delayed a bit, we were able to get to Trinidad, CO, on time for their evening service. Both Colorado churches were exciting to visit, and we received a very warm welcome.

From here, we needed to travel to Hutchinson, KS but we wanted to do some sightseeing and get some rest. Much to everyone’s dismay, most of the day was spent waiting at a tire shop to make sure we didn’t have any more flat tires. We did get to see the mountains, Bishop’s castle, as well as Focus on the Family.

Our last stop was at Center Amish Mennonite Church, where everyone was familiar with Heralds of Hope. Before the evening was over, they were telling me stories about visits from J. Otis Yoder and long-time connections.

While it can be exhausting to travel, we find it meaningful to make in-person connections.
-Tony High

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