The WORD Matters

Stop and think, over the last 10 years, what has been the greatest influence to your Christianity? The answers may vary, but I am guessing all of us would put the Bible near the top of this list. If you remove the influence of your daily time in the Word and the personal study of God’s Word, many of us would be in a much different place. We are privileged to have His Word so accessible and available.

In and of itself, the Word is powerful! Lives are changed, and Christians grow when there is access to the Bible. This is one reason HOH spends so many resources on Bible distribution. I have been encouraged to see God’s hand in this work and want to share with you a summary of our Bible distribution in 2022.

*graph data collected on July 31, 2022

God has faithfully provided through His people so we can continue this important work. For this, we praise Him. We constantly seek Him for direction and for connections as we grow our Bible distribution in responsible ways. Our desire is to be sensitive to the Spirit as God leads through opportunity and opens doors. We thank you for your prayers and donations; there are many who have a heart for this work and because of this, God’s Word is going forth.

-Arlin Horst

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