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Did you know our newsletter can arrive in your mailbox (or email inbox!) 6 times per year?

We like to keep our friends and partners updated on the work that God is doing, but we try not to overwhelm you with too much mail. Interested? Sign up today! 

What’s In the Newsletter?

So, what’s in a typical HOH newsletter?

We have a whole page of stories from listeners to our radio programs, and some supporters have told us that’s the page they read first! Each issue features an update from our Executive Director, Anthony High, as well as an article from J. Mark Horst, our Bible Teacher in residence.

Bible distribution is a big part of HOH, and we strive to tell you, our readers, what’s happening with orders, distribution, and more! You’ll also find our upcoming banquets, news announcements, trip reports, and much more in each issue. We keep you updated on our annual events, such as the Read-a-Thon, the HOH 5k, and our fundraising progress.

Who Makes the Newsletter?

The HOH staff team collaborates to write articles, select photos, and choose content. Luronda Hege designed our template, and Rachel Horst works with the layout for each issue. Even board members and guests occasionally share their perspectives with you.

Who Reads the Newsletter?

Do you? Many long-time and new HOH friends, partners, and donors read the newsletter to keep updated on how God is working through the ministry. We’re all blessed to be part of what He is doing, and we want you to be informed so you can pray more effectively!

Along with our bimonthly newsletter, we include a prayer calendar with a prayer prompt for each day. It’s so encouraging to join together in the work of prayer!

How You Can Get the Newsletter

Wondering how you can get the newsletter today? You can sign up to receive it by email or snail mail. We’re happy to mail our newsletter free of charge! Sign up here.

In our upcoming issue, we’ll be featuring stories from listeners in Kazakhstan. You won’t want to miss it!
-Rachel Horst