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God of the Impossible

There are many situations we face in life that, to our limited vision, seem impossible. And yet, we have the words of Jesus, “with God…

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Bibles through Your Generous Support

Through your generous support, former militia leader in the Congo, Katakichwa, gave his life to Jesus through his reading of our tract, Hope News, in…

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Study with Hope For Today

Have you ever heard something in a podcast, but you didn’t have time to write it down? Fear not, we have manuscripts! When you listen…

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Prepare To Meet Thy God

The words, “Prepare to Meet Thy God,” were spoken by the prophet Amos to Israel. This was at a time when Israel was failing because…

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2021 Read-A-Thon Recap

There were multiple times, I got tears in my eyes at the enthusiasm of such young minds eager to help others. Eager to share the…

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Have You Heard?

There have been several new things happening around HOH; here is a little update on these new things. Please stay tuned (Yes, I tried that)…

Rays of Hope Reach Nepal

Where is Nepal? Have you ever heard of this tiny landlocked country sandwiched between bordering giants India and China? Perhaps your association with Nepal comes…

Lessons Learned From Running

Creating devotionals from lessons learned through hobbies feels less spiritual than lessons learned from pain, or an inspiring portion of the Bible. In the case…

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Your First Bible

Do you remember your first Bible? In my childhood, our Sunday School program had a system of rewards for attendance, memory work, bringing a Bible,…

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Examined Life

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”   In other words, if we really want our life to produce worthwhile results, we’d better take…

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Call in for HOPE

“The Voice of Hope” was first broadcast on June 2, 1968, from WDAC in Lancaster, PA. This was the 73rd anniversary of the patent of…

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Our Story, HIS Glory

There is a short but noteworthy phrase in Ruth 2. The phrase is small and seems to be mentioned as a passing thought. This “small…

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