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How much do you know about God? The Psalms give us some amazing insights. In the opening chapters of this booklet, Dr. J. Otis Yoder reminds us Who is worthy of our worship. He is our Creator, Redeemer, and Conqueror. He reigns unimpeded by man’s efforts. And Jesus Christ Himself is Lord of all creation. If you are in any doubt of the greatness of God, these Psalms will be of great assurance and encouragement.

What is man? Who is he really, in the grand plan of creation? Chapter four begins to unveil God’s plan for humanity. If you have any doubts of the plans God has for you, start at the beginning: Who am I in relation to God?

Why? Why does God allow bad things to happen? To draw us closer to Himself. And as J. Otis illustrates so well in chapter five, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, who suffered and died on our behalf, is there for us in those hours of trial.

So, what can the sinner do? Psalm 51 is more than the penitence of a broken King David. It is the stirring of every troubled heart to become reconciled to God. “I believe, friend, that King David speaks for all of us by praying as sinners must pray.” Chapter 6 speaks of the mercy, cleansing, and acceptance we can find at the throne of grace.

Is there peace for me? I don’t know if I’m saved. How can I be sure that God is with me? Chapter 7 is such a blessing. When we acknowledge our guilt before God, we are saved by His grace, and His guidance goes with us each step of the way. Once sin is confessed, we are doubly blessed. We exchange our guilt for grace and guidance.

“You can rejoice, and you can have hope if you are trusting in the true God.”

If I trust God, how far will that get me? All the way. Chapter 8 blesses us with assurance of that firm foundation, a bedrock of faith. And the ongoing and growing awareness of God’s goodness is unmeasured. Finally, J. Otis ends with the end itself – our eternal reward. “You can rejoice, and you can have hope if you are trusting in the true God.” That hope is for now and that hope is forever.

Who is worthy of worship? God is. Center your life on God and His truth, worship Him in word and action. It is your ‘reasonable service.’

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View our Psalmic videos, narrated by Dr. J. Otis Yoder, here.

– Eric Druist


  1. I enjoy the sermons J Mark shares weekly…I have a prayer request..I had an accident with my car …it was totaled…my checkbook has seemingly disappeared…the last time I had it was in the car….. pray that if God wants me to have it…He would have it to find it’s way to my mailbox .

    • Fannie, we are glad that you can be encouraged through these broadcasts. Thanking God for sparing your life in the accident, but praying with you that you can find the checkbook!

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