Rays of Hope Reach Nepal

Where is Nepal?

Have you ever heard of this tiny landlocked country sandwiched between bordering giants India and China? Perhaps your association with Nepal comes from the fame of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest. Nepal contains some of the most rugged and difficult mountain terrain in the world. Roughly 75 percent of the country is covered by mountains. 1

Among this mountainous terrain people work, rest, and live. Many people have yet to hear the Good News that God loves them, and Christ died for them.

But now a ray of hope is reaching into Nepal! TWR Nepal and Heralds of Hope are partnering together to produce Bible teaching in the Nepali language. Over 33 FM stations are airing our program, Asha Ko Kiran (Rays of Hope), twice per week.

And people are listening!

In November 2021, TWR Nepal has received the following interactions:

As you can see in the following testimonies, Nepali-speakers are finding hope and experiencing transformation in Jesus Christ!

“Many people in our community are strong and regular listeners of radio programs, and many non-Christian people groups are also familiar with the Heralds of Hope program, which provides solid fundamental teaching related to our faith and God. I am also a regular and enthusiastic listener of this program, and I tell others about it. I honor and respect this program, and for the past three months, I have been able to give a small amount towards it.”

“I am an old lady with a son and a daughter. God has lavished me with many blessings. With the support of my daughter, I came to faith in Jesus Christ. She has been a sweet and humble young lady since she was a child. After her marriage, she came to faith in Jesus Christ. Whenever she came to see me, she would talk about God’s Word. We all came to know Christ because of her. Following that, radio programs truly assist us in growing in Christ.”

“I’m a pastor who enjoys studying the Bible from a variety of perspectives. For the past three years, I’ve been learning via radio broadcasts. The Bible is taught in-depth in the Heralds of Hope programs, showing the meaning of God’s Word. Thank you.”

“I am from a different religious background, but now that I have been saved by Jesus, I would like to begin my journey with Heralds of Hope and learn more about Jesus and the truth. Please pray for me, and please air this program on a regular basis in our community, as it has had a significant impact on my attitude toward God and His glory.”

“We are grateful to God because one of the regular listeners to the Heralds of Hope program contracted Covid-19 and experienced numerous problems in his life; he may have believed that he would not survive any longer, but in this crucial scenario, we disseminated a prayer request to our entire staff. And today we learned that he has been healed and that his recuperation is progressing. So, thank you, God, for your healing touch.”

“I just wanted to let you know that many people in our village, of various faiths, have been listening to the Aasha ko Kiran (Heralds of Hope) program. Being a Christian is a wonderful blessing for us,
because they are receiving the Word of Truth without even realizing it. Most of these listeners, though, would come to Christianity in the days ahead.”

Do you want to help the Gospel continue to spread in Nepal? You can give to the Nepali radio broadcast, and you can pray for God to grow the listenership.

You can listen to the program if you’re curious to hear what it sounds like. If you’d like to see where and when the Nepali programs air, you can see that as well.

Thank you for sending Rays of Hope into Nepal!

– Rachel Horst

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