Hope Products: Isaiah Speaks to Us

In the ancient world, Isaiah the prophet had a message for Israel, but does he also have a message for us today?

Join Dr. Yoder in this short booklet exploring Isaiah’s prophecies in just 12 chapters.

“The uncertainty of each day develops crises in our lives. The future is veiled from us, and that causes us many anxious thoughts. We often wish we knew what tomorrow holds, but we don’t know. Sometimes the events of the present are depressing and hard to cope with. We all need help daily. We need comfort. We need strength. We need courage.

But where do we turn in times of need? When we are faced with a crisis, where do we turn? We can find COMFORT IN CRISIS as Isaiah did in chapter 6.”

The above excerpt is from chapter two, which ends with this prayer:

Father, we come to You as Lord of heaven and earth, the One before whom all nature trembles and angels worship. We come, dear Lord, for the comfort that we need in our crisis experiences, those events that come to us that seem to shake us deeply. Lord, I pray, bring comfort to all who are reading this for our God cares. He cleanses and takes care of unsettling personal conditions. He commissions and stands by. So, God, I pray, bring us comfort in every crisis. I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen.

In fact, each chapter ends with a prayer. What a wonderful addition to your personal Bible reading! Or you may use this booklet in your Sunday School study or as a resource for your church library.

This 50-page booklet is available for $3 (plus shipping) on our website, by mail at PO Box 3, Breezewood, PA 15533, or by calling us toll-free at 866-960-0292.

-Rachel Horst