HOPE Products: Growing Families God’s Way

It almost goes without saying, but our world is very broken. The earthquakes, the wars, the chaos, the soul lost-ness of humanity.  For many, there is no starting point for either truth or trust. Without that foundation, one is left with no option but to elevate one’s self into the sole judge of truth as they perceive it.  Extrapolated to its logical end, they have become their own god. What a terrible place to be.

On the other hand, as Christ-followers, we have hope.  Our trust is in Jesus, and our foundation of truth is God’s inspired and inerrant Word. It speaks into so many relevant issues of the day.  You’ll find our Bible teacher, J. Mark Horst, delving into those relevant issues in his series “Growing Families God’s Way.”

In this series, we simply lay open what the Scripture actually teaches about many issues regarding gender roles,  marriage and home relationships, and even God’s plan for singles. We need not be tossed around with every “wind of doctrine” or humanistic idea. Where can we go to find answers relevant to us today? As Jay Mark states (in Biblical Manhood, part of the Growing Families God’s Way Series),  “There’s only one place to go: the Bible.” Since the designer of the human race happens to be the author of the Bible, it would make sense to go there for answers to our brokenness.

You can purchase the whole series on our web store at here.

Jeremy Sensenig

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