Hope Products: Four Short Stories – Audio CD

Do you enjoy stories that involve danger and adventure? Maybe you are more apt to read or listen to stories that are dramatized from the Bible. Or, perhaps you are more likely to pick up a book with a moral lesson. Whatever the case, the Four Short Stories production, read dramatically by “Uncle J” (Dr. J Otis Yoder), is sure to captivate your attention.

This CD entitled Four Short Stories is just that—four short stories. If you are like me, and have a short attention span, then this CD is for you! Each story is uniquely different, but all of these stories teach many moral lessons.

The Scarred Hand

The first story is entitled The Scarred Hand. A boy is rescued from a fire by a man who receives a scar because of his brave efforts. Listen along to find out how that scar becomes a tool in bringing the unbelieving man to Christ.

The House Across The Hedge

The House Across the Hedge is the title of the next story. Listen to the perspective of an Israelite girl as she experiences the plague of the death of the firstborn plague in the land of Egypt.

A Penny’s Worth of Character

Do you enjoy stories that involve candy and a moral lesson? A Penny’s Worth of Character is the story for you! Listen to the story of a little boy who makes a choice involving candy, flour sacks, and pennies, and how that decision affects the rest of his day.

Peter, Bingo, and the Bishop

The fourth story is about a little boy, Peter, his dog, Bingo, and a Bishop. When the Bishop tells Peter’s church about a need in Africa, Peter is faced with a difficult decision. Listen to Peter, Bingo, and the Bishop, to hear the outcome of his decision.

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-Janette Martin

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