You are my source of encouragement

Hope for Today is reaching Hausa-speaking people in Nigeria, Africa. In fact, in a six-month span, we received 17,971 responses from listeners.

What are Listeners Saying?

“We are listening all the time. My wife really enjoys your teachings too!”

“I have enjoyed your teachings on The Covenant of Redemption. The redemption we have in Christ is great.”

“I can now get you loud and clear through my Android. This is another welcome development.”

“I am telling my friends about the HOH online program!”

“Thank you for all the Heralds of Hope program messages in the year 2022. We pray that in the year 2023, more spiritual programs will help us to grow in Christ.”

“I really want to partner with you to expand the gospel. May God grant me the grace.”

“Your online radio programs are good, and I admire them. Thank you for that development.”

I am very proud of what the Lord is doing through you. May His grace continue to be with all.”

“I am Muslim, but [I want to know] how things will look in the Second Coming of Jesus? What will be my fate as a Muslim, then? Though you gave me answers, I would like more explanation about what to do.”

As you see, many people are hearing and God is working in their lives! It’s such a blessing for us at HOH to read these stories. We trust it’s the same kind of blessing for you as a fellow believer and partner of this work.

More Listeners Share

“What you are doing is actually helping me. May God grant you the grace to continue.”

“I am with you all the time, because Heralds of Hope series is great!”

“My children are teaching me how I can listen to you online.”

“Your work is great and wonderful, and you are also helping us as missionaries. Thank you so much.”

“I am enjoying your English and Hausa programs online. We give God the glory!”

“I really enjoy the Heralds of Hope program; though short, it is full of meaningful messages. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.”

“I write to appreciate you because, as a widow, you are giving hope from the Word of God. The Lord is too good to me.”

Currently, our Hausa programs are fully-funded! However, we invite you to contact us to learn about other needs. Or designate your gift for “International Radio.”

Thank you for sharing with HOH, as together, we use media to make disciples of Jesus Christ to accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime.

-Rachel Horst

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