Turkey Responds to Christian Radio!

christian blog radio in turkey

Praise God with us for the many opportunities He has given us to herald forth the Good News of Hope using the radio and internet signals in these challenging times. Thank you for your faithful partnership! As millions of people around the world have been locked down to their homes, the responses to our Bible teaching broadcasts have increased significantly.

Shema Media of Turkey, that broadcasts our program three times weekly on their four-station network, shared the following in their May Newsletter:

“Praise God for more listeners and interactions with people through these troublesome days with the Corona Virus. The Lord has connected us with many who follow us and now are reaching out with prayer requests. Burak, is a truck driver. He came to know about Christ through the radio and accepted Christ Jesus as his personal savior. Along with his prayer request for his son’s ear operation he shared how much he appreciated Radio Shema’s broadcast. He praised our Lord that he is able to be fed by listening to our podcasts.”

Also following are some statistics they shared of increases from February to March:

  • Twitter views increased from 5,103 to 13,694 = 168%
  • Instagram likes increased from 527 to 1,465 = 178%

Please pray with us for many to tune into our broadcasts, in the soon-to-be, 17 different languages around the world and to respond to the Holy Spirit’s call.

All For God’s Glory & Kingdom Building,
Bob Kauffman


  1. please pray god performs a major miracle of hope, mercy, blessings and healing in my life   and saves me in this world and the next by whatever means necessary, please pray he guides me, comforts and gives me mighty hope, faith, answers and solutions and heals and cleanses  me physically and spiritually and gives me another chance. i need supernatural comeplete bodily and spiritual healing and angelic protection

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