Travel Highlights 2022

I had the privilege of traveling to Nepal and Malawi in May. It was a good trip, and we thank God it was a smooth trip. Thinking about all the logistics that needed to happen to make the trip a success, it was amazing when everything pretty much happened as planned! I had to think if this trip was planned 100 years ago, it would have taken six months or more; the opportunities we have now are astounding!

Instead of boring you with the details, here are two highlights from the trip.

In Nepal and Malawi, I met Godly men attempting to lead God’s way. They are serving Him and making the most of the resources they have to build His kingdom. In Nepal, many of the men were involved with orphanages and are using their time and talents to help children. In Malawi, our group met many pastors and people who wanted to become better leaders. In both countries, the Word of God was the standard; walking with Jesus and becoming more like Him was their desire. It is humbling to meet others who have the same goal as yourself. They also are fighting sin, and want to make an eternal difference with their lives. Praise God, His message is for everyone everywhere, and it was a highlight to interact with other Christians.

You may remember hearing HOH asking for help to extend a tower about a year ago. On this trip, I had the privilege of visiting this tower; this was a highlight for me. Last year, HOH heard about the need and helped to get the word out. Thankfully, funds came in, and construction began. They even sent us pictures during the construction of the tower. After all this communication, it was fun to actually be there. As we drove to the tower, Muslim influence in the area was obvious. This was a good reminder of why the tower was extended, so more people in this area could hear the Gospel. We had a good prayer time on the mountain asking God to do this very thing, and we ask you to join us by asking God to use radio to build His church and impact each community.

These were two highlights from the trip, and here are a few pictures to help you “see” where we were. Thanks for reading.
-Arlin Horst

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