Radio Responses from Ethiopia

These responses are from Oromo-speaking listeners in Ethiopia. Praise the Lord that many are hearing the gospel in their language through our radio broadcasts. Please pray God will continue to call the hearts of unbelievers, deepen the faith of His followers, and build up His church.


“Thank you for the spiritual radio program you are broadcasting; it has helped me to develop my thoughts for the Word of God. I have learnt to serve others and to preach Good News about the Lord Jesus. HOH Oromo program has enabled me to grow spiritually. I thank your ministry.”


“I have been listening to Heralds of Hope radio programs for many years now. God has daily been blessing my life through the program with new things. I am very happy that through this program the great teaching of our Lord Jesus is getting to people. Thank you.”


“Thank you for keeping me alert on my life, living for Jesus! Heralds of Hope radio programs act as my personal devotion. Whenever I listen I am nourished spiritually. It has shaped my life and positively impacted my ministry. May this effort be blessed.”


“I introduced HOH Oromo radio program to my church and also to my Muslim friends. But we are very careful at what time we listen with Muslim friends. We are aware this message is for eternity. We cannot miss it.”


“Heralds of Hope radio has helped me to understand reading the Bible regularly. The messages have enabled me for preaching and teaching on different subjects in our congregation. The deep Biblical messages have motivated my heart to be on action especially during these final days when the church should remain prayerful.”

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