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We have been hearing from many people who have received Bibles! In one of the following testimonies, a recipient mentions that until recently, only one person in their congregation owned a Bible. Many of us cannot imagine such a situation, as we grew up carrying Bibles to church meetings.

It is such a blessing to hear how the Word of God is touching lives and bringing hope. Thank you for your part in spreading the Gospel around the world. Be encouraged as you read the following testimonies.

Bibles to Malawi

Recipients in Malawi share their thankfulness for Bibles. Please pray for them!

“I am very happy in receiving this Bible as I didn’t have one before. I will testify to sisters and brothers, for them to know Jesus and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. Thank you.”

* * *

“As a pastor, thank you very much for giving this Bible to me. This Bible shall help me in teaching, preaching, and witnessing to different people in my area. Thank you very much and God bless you.”

* * *

“I have a living testimony that this Bible I shall be using for witnessing. Thank you.”

* * *

“I want to thank you for the Bible I have received. This is my first step of having a holy Bible in our family since I became a Christian ten years ago. I was just hearing the Gospel from our Evangelist who is the only person in our church that has a Bible.”

* * *

Bibles to Congo

The following report is from Pastor Umba, our Bible distribution contact in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Didier (photo on the right) is one of the orphans who received a Bible in Swahili or Kiluba. When we previously distributed leaflets Hope News tracts, he was so touched by the message and he received Jesus. We were informed of this when we visited again this area for distributions.

* * *

Denis came to know Jesus Christ through reading the Hope News which we distributed. He is a worker in the orphanage, now he is attending church. He said:

“God lead me to work here, now I realize that He needed me to meet His Son Jesus here through reading that leaflet. I hope that through this Bible, He will be always speaking to me.”

After that he went to his best friend, who was in the militia. His name is Mulea, and he met Christ when a chaplain preached on Romans 6:23, “. . . the wages of sin is death.” After some years, he was called to serve His Master as an Evangelist within the militia. Mulea did not have a complete Bible, so when we gave him a new copy of the Bible, he said:

“I find now the hidden treasures, which will make me to be a wealthy man spiritually . . . and these treasures I will share with others who need them.”

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