Malawi – A Fortunate Experience

malawi a fortunate experience

How was I fortunate enough to visit such a beautiful, exotic tourist destination as Malawi, Africa? Being the privileged oldest child of the director of a worldwide radio ministry certainly has its perks. 🙂 I was thrilled to learn that I had the chance to travel where [in my mind] lions and elephants roamed free and the roads were a deep beautiful shade of red.

We were able to see and to learn many things that I did not expect to experience in my life. One of the best things I got to see was the incredible impact HOH and free distribution of the Bible has in Malawi. I was able to see first-hand the joy and thankfulness these people really experience when receiving a Bible. It’s hard for me to imagine deep emotion over something so normal to me as a Bible, but to them, the cost of a Bible is equivalent to what the cost of a brand new iPhone 12 would be to us. Imagine how unattainable it must feel for a Malawian to purchase such a luxury!

What challenged me about the people of Malawi was the overall gentleness and spirit of gratitude they possessed. In almost every conversation with them, they would say the word Zikomo (thank you) quite a number of times. It made me wonder: in how many things do I forget to express thanks? Considering how MUCH I have been blessed with, the number is much higher than it should be.

Another amazing experience for a Christian in a foreign country is the kinship that brothers and sisters in Christ feel with each other even across language and cultural barriers. To see and hear them worshiping was incredible! For, though I could not necessarily understand them, I knew that we were worshiping the exact same God. Our God truly is a God of every people!

So, Zikomo for your generous gifts and support of this ministry and of people all over our world!

-Autumn High

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