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Ethiopian Listeners Share

Oromo Language Broadcasts “I cannot express in words the benefit of this radio program to the Oromo nation where we are in very dangerous unpredictable…

Hindi-Speakers Find HOPE

“Your programs helped me to know Jesus in the true sense.” Hope for Today is reaching Hindi-speaking people in India. In fact, in a three-month…

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You are my source of encouragement

Hope for Today is reaching Hausa-speaking people in Nigeria, Africa. In fact, in a six-month span, we received 17,971 responses from listeners. What are Listeners…

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A Peek at the HOH WhatsApp Chats

The weekend was a busy one on the Heralds of Hope WhatsApp account; our inbox was also overflowing with updates from our partners. It was…

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The Reward of The Saved

We receive many spiritual questions in our mailbox, among requests for Bibles and literature. How would you answer this question? “What is the reward of…

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