A Peek at the HOH WhatsApp Chats

The weekend was a busy one on the Heralds of Hope WhatsApp account; our inbox was also overflowing with updates from our partners. It was neat to “be” in so many parts of the world and see how God is working. This work is accomplished through all of you who support HOH in various ways. Let’s do a quick tour through these messages for a few updates and prayer requests.   


First, there were several pictures from Zimbabwe. We purchased Shona Bibles there in November when the Bible Society was running an annual Bible sale. Onisimo saved the Bibles till February so his church could distribute them while doing crusades in rural areas. It was fun to see the topography, the buildings, and the happy Bible recipients.  


Second were a few pictures and videos from a contact in Pakistan. The pictures were of the leaders handing out the Bibles, and the videos were from their worship service. It was neat to see a small window into their worship. It is encouraging to see other cultures worship the same God we do. Styles vary, but the effect on people is similar.  


Pastor Joe from Kenya sent us pictures of a local church in Kenya having a baptism. The new Christians were given a Bible. Pastor Joe had made the arrangements so they would have the Bibles for this special occasion.  


There were several pictures from India where the shipment of Bibles was just arriving. There were lots of boxes being put into storage from the delivery truck. Pray for Kerala Bible League as they place the Bibles in the coming weeks.  


There were also prayer requests from Malawi.  There was a storm over the weekend, and a church roof had blown off.  They will need metal sheets and wood to rebuild. Also, in Malawi, there has been a cholera outbreak. Many people have been affected, and Pastor Evance requested prayer for his family and his friends.  

There was good news and not-so-good news; no matter what we are going through, we choose to trust. Trust in a God who is bigger than us and who has a plan for the whole world. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this little tour “around” the world via HOH messages. It is a privilege to serve the Kingdom, and we thank you, our supporters, for making it possible. 
– Arlin Horst