Burden in Malawi

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There are times that my back hurts. About 20 years ago, I wrenched my back at work, and to this day it, occasionally reminds me of that fact. I received this picture of a pastor in Malawi who was going to carry her load of 13 precious Bibles on her back while she rode her bicycle to her home. I am sure my back would have complained all the way. There were other pastors who also walked or rode bicycles to receive Bibles to distribute to local families in the area. 

These pictures were taken at a distribution event in the Chitipa area of northern Malawi. Chitipa is an area that Trans World Radio is hoping to expand into and further extend their reach. I find the project in Chitipa very exciting since the funds for expansion are being raised from within Malawi. Victor Kaonga, the director of TWR Malawi, has been leading the project of raising the equivalent of $40,000 US dollars. So far, they have raised approximately $8,500. I applaud them for their effort; pray for them that the funds would be raised quickly! 

I am humbled and blessed that we are able to work together with such a great organization. Distributing Bibles and raising awareness of Christian radio in Malawi is a great way to further the Gospel. 

-Tony High

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