A Refuge for Refugees

Have you wished you could go to Italy, or Greece, or Spain to work in the refugee camps; to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them? Have you wished you could help reach out to these hurting people with HOPE in the midst of their hopelessness?
It’s true, these people need to find homes; places where they can settle permanently to live, work, raise their families, and build a future. But more than that, they need a heavenly home; a refuge, a dwelling place that can never be taken from them. Reports from the refugee camps indicate that many Muslims are coming to faith in Christ. But who will disciple them when they leave those camps and move on into the heart of Europe?  

Refugee Camp Photo  Humanitarian Refugee Aid

Announcing HOH’s Newest Opportunity


By the grace of God, HOH has been given the privilege to share the only true Refuge with these refugees. On November 3rd we began airing our weekly Arabic language program from a powerful 1,000 watt AM radio station in Monte Carlo, Monaco. While the signal doesn’t reach many of the refugee camps, it does reach into the major part of Europe where refugees are settling after they leave the camps.

Based on our other broadcasts into predominately Muslim areas, we believe this broadcast has great potential to reach Arabic speaking, Muslim refugees. Here’s proof from one of those other language broadcasts.

“Hi, I grew up in a conservative family. We have been always told that Islam is a religion of wisdom and that it has high ethical standards and understanding. Also, we have been told that Christians are immoral and that the Bible allows everything. When I listened to your program I have to say that I was shocked. It was totally not how we have been taught. I understood then that I have been raised up with a lie for years. Your wisdom and ethic is much higher than ours. Because of this I got a Bible and started to read it. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I have no one with whom I can share this, but I wanted to tell you about it. Thank you for given me a new beginning.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could sit down with this young man, this new Believer, and begin to teach him the “all things” that Jesus commanded us to teach? People like this are so eager to learn, so hungry for the truth of God’s Word! He is like the Ethiopian government official mentioned in Acts 8. When asked by Philip if he understood what he was reading, he said; “How can I (understand) unless someone guides me?”

While it’s not the same as having a flesh and blood person sitting with you, our radio broadcasts can help guide listeners to a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how it intersects with their lives.

Would you like to help give the Gospel to refugees? You can donate through a variety of channels. Give online here. Mail a check, email us at [email protected], or call our offices at 1-866-960-0292.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity.

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