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About Heralds of Hope

Our Mission

Presenting the positive alternative in Jesus Christ to all men using broadcast, Internet and print technology with special emphasis on systematic teaching of the Word.To encourage deeper commitment of the Bible as the inspired Word from God and renewed dedication to a life of holiness in light of His imminent return.

These activities are pursued with uncompromising integrity and fervent love to all men.

Our Motivation

Over the years 1,000's of people have written that the message of HOPE by radio or literature has led them to salvation and thousands have testified that their lives are changed.

Our Methods

"The Voice of Hope," our 30-minute weekly program begun June 2, 1968, is broadcast in the U.S. 21 times each weekend on stations in seven states. The format is unique blend of accapella music and expository Bible teaching, with commentary on current issues.

"Hope For Today," developed in 1975, is a 15-minute program designed for international outreach. This English language program is aired weekly to Canada, Asia, Africa, the south Pacific, and the Middle East.

Bible Distribution

Since HERALDS OF HOPE, INC. believes the Bible is the revelation of God to man and the source of truth and salvation, a free English Bible has been offered on the English "Hope For Today" program to listeners who do no have a Bible. Since 1975 more than 200,000 Bibles have been mailed to individuals.

Literature Distribution

To complement the radio ministry we operate an in-house print shop. Our monthly newsletter and prayer guide, sermon booklets, paperback books, the "Hope Herald" Bible study magazine, two tracts and a yearly calendar are all produced in our facility.

Mail response to the English outreach has come from 180+ countries. Response to the seven other language broadcasts is processed by program producers.

Audio CDs

Our collections of CDs offer a wide range of subjects from in-depth Bible exposition and uplifting acappella music to "Uncle J" classic childrens stories. To purchase these and other items, visit our store.

Lingablast Websites

On February 1, 2013 our Linguablast site ‘lifted off’ featuring our 15-minute program of Bible exposition, “Hope for Today.” Teaching is currently available in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, with additional languages to be added in the future. You can listen at your convenience at

Linguablast was engineered and developed by Trans World Radio (TWR) to make the Gospel more readily available to all people. It is a cutting-edge web distribution platform converging audio, video, and text resources into a fully translated, searchable site by eliminating the English website barrier that often stands in the way of non-English speaking users. Our Bible teaching programs will be accessible from any electronic device using a variety of operating platforms, from PC to Smartphone.