Pastor Mulugeta Ashagre Endeshaw oversees their 200+ churches. They also conduct pastoral and evangelism training programs. We assist by supplying Oromo and Amharic language Bibles for seekers and Believers.

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He works with Pastors by training them to be effective Church planters, intentional disciple-makers and leaders. Church planting is going on in South West Kaffa (Amharic people groups) and South East Bale (Oromo people groups) – both are Muslim dominated areas.

Canadian board member, John Loewen often joins their team to help facilitate the Pastoral Training Seminars.

“I was converted when I was 14 and a first generation believer in my family. I am married to Alem and we are celebrating 28 years of marriage. God has given us three godly children: Phoebe, Mosee, and Eyael.”

-Pastor Mulugeta

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