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christian blogs snares tares

Snares & Tares

I have been thinking about the temptations of Jesus. He did not sin, but he was tempted. He was tempted like we are. For we…

christian blog relationships 1024x512

Relationships x Systems = ?

The other day, while going over orders in our family business, my one son and I realized that an order was set aside, while we waited on parts.  That…

christian blogs results of your partnership

Results of YOUR Partnership

We thank God for each of you who partner with us to share the Good News of God’s Word of Truth around the world by…

christian blogs getting what you want

Getting What You Want

Our culture and economy are largely driven by consumption. Modern advertising focuses on our desires with phrases like, “you deserve the very best;” “have it…

audio books for long summer days

Audio Books for Long Summer Days

Do you remember sitting on your mother’s lap, your ears tuned to her voice, and your eyes glued to the pages of a captivating book? Or maybe you…

christian blogs what is heralds of hope

What is Heralds of Hope to You?

One of the most unique experiences I have had in presenting Heralds of Hope came while visiting a church on family vacation. A writer by nature, I struggle to share the scope…

christian blog reaching the family

Reaching the Family

Children’s ministry takes various forms depending on where you are in the world. Oh, what fun it is to have 10, 20, or even thousands…

christian blogs psalm 98

Psalm 98 – O Sing Unto the Lord

Have you experienced the Lord giving you a new song? It’s blessing to have our hope renewed by His marvelous works! May you be encouraged…

christian blog are you listening

Are You Listening to Me?

In our “Berenstein Bears” culture, being a good, godly father is often not only a seemingly thankless job but also increasingly draws overt attacks. Is…

christian blog tribute to hope family

A Tribute to the HOPE Family

June is Anniversary month at Heralds of Hope. What began as a single radio program on a single station, now reaches a large part of…

christian blog radio in turkey

Turkey Responds to Christian Radio!

Praise God with us for the many opportunities He has given us to herald forth the Good News of Hope using the radio and internet…

christian blogs psalm 23

Psalm 23 – The Lord is my Shepherd

Today, take some time to calm your heart. Watch this short video and rest beside the waters the Lord provides. He is love. He is…

christian blogs the soccer ball story

The Soccer Ball Story – Torch Ministries

Did you ever wonder how Pastor Ohene started Torch Ministries? A ministry that reaches thousands of public school students in West Africa. In this short…

Heralds of Hope Presentation

We hope this presentation with J. Mark will be encouraging to you and you will be blessed by the ministry around the Globe to many…

christian blogs torch ministries presentation

Torch Ministries PowerPoint Presentation

We had the honor of videoing Ohene Kumi’s PowerPoint presentation while he was with us back in March. You can view this presentation below. We…

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