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One of the most unique experiences I have had in presenting Heralds of Hope came while visiting a church on family vacation. A writer by nature, I struggle to share the scope of what we do in an authentic 30-second pitch. I was talking with an older gentleman who had quite the gift of gab. You can only imagine how things went from the ‘Mennonite game’ to “one of my quirks is, I like to get gifts in the mail.” So I asked him, “Can you imagine what it would be like not to have a Bible, and to get one in the mail? Imagine how excited you would be for that!” Certainly, more than the latest tool or trinket on Amazon! To him, Heralds of Hope represents the opportunity to send the greatest gift the postal system ever delivered.

To you, perhaps there is another motivation.

To a family who adopted children from India, the Hindi broadcast is their heart’s mission. Their prayer is that the family of the two children they adopted will hear the broadcast and find Jesus. 

To a husband and wife from Pennsylvania, the Biblical soundness of the teaching is something they want to promote in the English language. 

To a lady from the Midwest, her interest in Heralds of Hope was inspired by her mother. When she found out that we send KJV Bibles to other countries, she knew she needed to help. 

To me, Heralds of Hope is an opportunity to share the Gospel across all media, whether that be visually in a book, audibly over the airwaves, or audio-visually through the world-wide-web. 

Why do you give?
Why do you share?
What is your goal?
Why do you care?

What motivates us?

As a conservative Christian people, we have an opportunity to share the Word of God as it was written to whom it was written. ALL THE WORD to ALL THE WORLD. If it is a gospel worth living out, it is a gospel worth preaching. If it is worth saying, it is worth saying aloud.  

We have the Gospel, and we have an opportunity. Opportunities do not last forever. We have the Gospel, and we have an opportunity to change lives forever. How will God spread the Gospel through you? 

To you, what is that mission? Is it sharing a Gospel broadcast with friends and neighbors? Is there a place or language that God has brought near to your heart? Is it a broadcast or a Bible? Is it a ministry partner with feet on the ground? What mission in the Great Commission compels you to pray, to give, or to act?

Eric Druist

Why do you support Heralds of Hope?

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