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Soon, voters in the United States will go to the polls to choose our next president and a host of other elected officials. In the past 90 days, yard signs of support for various candidates have sprouted like mushrooms after a rainy, humid week in Pennsylvania. Charges and counter-charges are being hurled back and forth across the airwaves and internet between opposing candidates. And in our culture where appearance is more important than substance, the 60-second “sound bites” make it hard to have any kind of intelligent debate on the real issues.

We all agree there are many important issues at stake in this election. While the presidential election takes center stage, what happens at the state and local level often has a greater impact on our day-to-day lives. In addition to the choosing of candidates for office, many states have items on their ballot for the voters to decide. These range from local zoning issues to amendments to state constitutions.

There’s some debate among Christians about the pros and cons of being involved in the political process. It is not my intent to engage in that debate. Instead, I want you to think about the bigger picture, the larger context of the whole subject of earthly governments.

Isaiah chapter six begins with these words; “In the year that King Uzziah died…” Scripture and history tell us that Uzziah reigned over Judah for 52 years. For most of his reign, he was a good king and “did that which was right in the sight of the Lord” (II Kings 15:3). Only King Solomon and King Jehoshaphat had a more prosperous reign than Uzziah.

Now, picture this long, stable, and prosperous reign coming to an end, and Isaiah presents himself before the Lord. The question isn’t spoken, but implied; “Lord, good King Uzziah is dead, now what?” Does God answer the prophet’s question? No, not with thundering words from heaven or by a still, small voice, but he does answer – with a vision.

Isaiah “saw the Lord, sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of his robe filled the temple.” The verses that follow describe what Isaiah saw, and they answer his question more eloquently and completely than any words. God seemed to be saying to Isaiah, “Uzziah has vacated his throne, but I haven’t vacated mine. His 52-year reign is nothing compared to my Sovereign control that spans the time from eternity past to eternity yet to come. Behold my glory and understand that the future is not unknown to me. Uzziah, have no fear, I am still in control.”

The God who was in control in Isaiah’s day is still in control today! He deposes kings and raises others, Daniel 2:21. He laughs at the nations as they rage against His plans, Psalm 2:1-5. And ultimately, all humanity will bow the knee, recognizing Him as Lord, Philippians 2:10 and 11. His kingdom will outlast all earthly kingdoms and will continue for eternity.

With confidence, I cast my vote for the one who will NEVER vacate His throne!
– J. Mark Horst, President

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