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If you are still looking for a last-minute VBS offering project, look no further. Our team would be happy to fill you in on the details of our VBS poster project that raises money for Biblical radio broadcasting to un-reached or under-reached countries.

These broadcasts take a lot of money, but we know that people are listening and being blessed.

The team in Nepal shared: Ms. Andhra* was very depressed with her life. One day, a member of our WhatsApp group sent her our Hindi Radio Program in MP3 format. She listened to the whole program. The spiritual song and message touched her heart. The next day she phoned us on the mobile number announced in the program and came in contact with us. We added her in our WhatsApp group. Now she regularly listens to our program ‘Asha Deep’ and watches our Facebook page videos. She has a hunger in her heart for the Word of God. She is convinced that the most important thing in life is to have the knowledge of God and lead the life according to His will. She decided to accept the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior and is a regular member of a nearby local church. She continues to listen to our programs and go to the church for Fellowship and finds peace and consolation.

Following are several other testimonies we received recently.

“Thank you, teacher, for your thoughts for us and for distributing the spiritual food to many.” – Mandarin language, China

“I am learning his Word through the radio program. I am illiterate, so without the Voice of Hope broadcast, I would know nothing. God has given me the gospel and spiritual food daily.” -Nepali language, Nepal

“Thank you for airing such soul-nurturing teaching of God’s Word. We are so eager to listen to HOH Oromo program. My wife and children also listen with me. We are so blessed by your broadcast. God bless you!” – Oromo language, Ethiopia

Your Bible school participants will be blessed knowing that their funds are helping to bring the gospel message to millions and are assisting in discipling the church in spiritually hungry areas of the world.

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If you have already decided for this year, keep us in mind for next year. If you reach out to us now, we’d be happy to put your church on the list for when next year’s project poster is released.

-Jeremy Sensenig

*name changed for privacy purposes

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