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Do you wish you had an incentive to get your children to read? Maybe you want them to understand the principle of giving. Or maybe you’d like to see them spend more time in books rather than doing a myriad of other things children spend their time on, now that technology has replaced much of the “I’m bored” phases.

We are excited to share that we are hosting our very first Read-A-Thon! This is perfect for future missionaries, aged 5-18. When we’re all stuck inside during the winter months, it gives us something exciting to look forward to. So gather up those books! Let’s dig in and learn together while raising money for Bibles to give to people who otherwise can’t buy a Bible.

The process is really simple and is explained here. Each Bible costs about $5 to print and ship, then pastors connect with our local representative and distribute the Bibles as awards for completing programs, at baptisms, and other similar events.

Here is a few responses from people who have received a HOPE Bible:

childrens read a thon liberia armed forces

“We appreciate the Bibles you sent.” -Liberia Armed Forces

christian blogs read a thon prisoners

“We thank you for providing Bibles for our [Thai] prisoners.” 

We are grateful for your commitment to invest in the Kingdom of God, and we pray that you will be blessed for using your time and abilities to help further the Gospel in this way!

Because of Jesus,
Luronda Hege

You may remember we did a “Read-A-Thon Recap” in our March/April Hope Horizons Newsletter. Last year, we released this opportunity to small group of readers and were very impressed with the results. We hope and pray that you will tell you friends and the Word of God will be spread all over the world, because of your excitement about spreading the Gospel and diligence to read and raise funds!

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