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All of us have had the experience of entering a place of business and being asked, “How can I help you?” The sales staff want to serve us and help meet a need we have. What they’re really asking is “How can we (as a business) help you?”

One of the exciting things we’re working on at Heralds of Hope (HOH) is asking you this question, “How can we help YOU?”

For many years, HOH has shared our plans and asked you to partner with us. Through your faithful prayers and generous financial gifts, the ministry has seen significant expansion in the past 25 years. For this we thank you and we give praise to God.

Now, we’re planning to ask you or your congregation, “What people group, or geographic area of the world has God given you a burden for? How can we help you reach them with the message of the Gospel and then disciple them?” As part of our vision for future ministry, we want to help you fulfill the vision God has given you!

At HOH, our passion is to reach the unreached (less than 2% Christian) and the under-reached with our Bible-teaching content via electronic and print media. If you have a burden for peoples like this, we can explore what a partnership may look like. Of course, “closed countries” will have a different approach than countries that are open for Gospel proclamation.

In some cases, the pastor/teachers of the congregation could have the opportunity to create some expository Bible teaching for the radio programs in the target language or do in-country teaching and/or pastoral training.

We’re in the early stages of development for this partnership. As time goes on, we’ll share more details of the plan. In the meantime, if you or your congregation have an interest in this, please reach out to me at [email protected] or call 1-866-960-0292.

We’re excited about the future as we work together to fulfill the Great Commission!

In the HOPE of the Gospel,
J. Mark Horst, President
Heralds of Hope, Inc.

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