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What do an eccentric old man, an impressionable young boy, and a rake of mules have in common?

To find out, get a copy of our audiobook “Red Mule.” Read dramatically by ‘Uncle Jay’ (J. Otis Yoder), this heartwarming tale by Jesse Stewart will answer my opening question in ways that will surprise you!

The mantra of our times is “progress.” Most people think of progress in a positive light because it represents growth and moving forward. We observe and use many benefits from progress, but is it always worth the cost to society, family, and individual lives?

This classic tale, “Red Mule,” by Jesse Stewart, hearkens back to an earlier time and reminds us that progress isn’t always what we think it is. The industrial revolution changed our society, our families, and our lives in ways that still affect us today. This story helps us see some of these things through the eyes of those who lived them and to evaluate their impact on us.  

It also reminds us that all God’s creatures have value, and especially those human beings that society pushes to the margins.

“Red Mule had worked with mules all his life and he loved them. But now, tractors were coming into use and there was no work for mules. The whole town laughed at the old man and his odd ways and his slow animals – all except Scrappie. Scrappie shared Red Mule’s confidence that there are lots of things mules can do better than power machines – someday he would prove it.”

Was Scrappie able to prove the worth of animals over machinery? You, your children, or your grandchildren can learn the answer by joining Scrappie and Red Mule in their adventure.

This audiobook is available in the following formats: audio CD set, flash drive, or as a digital download.

Contact us for details by email via our online contact form, by mail at PO Box 3, Breezewood, PA 15533, or by calling us toll-free at 866-960-0292.

-J. Mark Horst

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