HOPE for the Himalayas

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Nepal is a ruggedly beautiful country. From the lush jungles of the southern Terai region to the soaring snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya mountain range, breathtaking scenes of beauty meet the eye wherever you turn. Many people from around the world travel to Nepal to enjoy its native beauty.

Like the geography of the country, the peoples of Nepal are rugged and hardy. Small in stature, but tough and wiry in physique, they are mostly diligent and hard working. Part of their diligence and hard work is expressed in their religion – for the majority, that is Hinduism. Their elaborate temples and the daily routines of life testify to their devotion, but sadly, it brings them no peace. That lack of peace results in much drunkenness and the abuse of women and children.

At Heralds of Hope we have the privilege of sharing the Gospel of peace with the peoples of Nepal by radio. Twice each week, over 33 FM stations, our program, “Asha Ko Kiran” (Rays of Hope), spreads the rays of Gospel light across this small landlocked country. And people are finding life and hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s a testimony from one listener.

Would you like to help listeners like this one turn from darkness to light? Our broadcasts to Nepal are not funded by designated gifts. Your gift, designated for Nepal Broadcasts could make the difference in the life of someone, just like the listener whose testimony is recorded above.

Will you send a ray of HOPE to a Nepali person
walking in darkness today?

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