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Daniel’s God: Purpose, Providence, and Prophecy

The book of Daniel is best known for the account of his night spent in the lion’s den. We stand in awe of God’s miraculous deliverance of His faithful servant. But the account of this experience in Daniel’s life is simply part of a much larger narrative, a narrative meant to bless God’s people, past, present, and future.

Daniel’s writings are so much more than interesting stories. In a time of national calamity, they provide hope and inspire confidence in a God who has all things under his sovereign control. In this series of messages, Radio Pastor, J. Mark Horst explores the book of Daniel, looking at God’s purpose, His providence, and His prophecy. It is our prayer that you will be spiritually enriched and encouraged by these expositions.

In this series of sixteen expositions from Daniel, Pastor J. Mark provides insight on familiar biblical “stories,” as well as explores the often-neglected second half of the book. Daniel’s writings form a key part of prophecy in the OT, and one must be familiar with them to understand the prophetic portions of the NT.

While we may not be sure of all the prophetic details, we can benefit from the overall theme.

This new 16-sermon series is now available as a set of audio CDs, costing $28.

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