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It’s fascinating. So many similar words have a very different meaning, depending on very minute details.  It can be a letter or two change in spelling that completely changes the word, as we’ve all found out while using voice-to-text.  I recently used the Swype function on my phone to send a WhatsApp message to the sound technician from mychurch. I meant to ask him for the recordings of two messages.  The laughter in his response alerted me to the reality of my error: I had inadvertently replaced the first “e” with an “a” and it turned “messages” into “massages.” There’s one for the Twitter tabloids. It was rather embarrassing, but he did get a good laugh over it.

However, even using the same word with the same spelling in different contexts can completely change the meaning as well. Let’s take “conversion” for example. In the business group in which I participate, “conversion” is tossed around in the context of sales and closing the deal. In Christianity, and in our churches, it’s used to describe someone choosing to believe in Christ and become his disciple. That, to me, is the most thrilling use of conversion, and it’s what Heralds of Hope is all about.

That… is the most thrilling use of conversion, and it’s what Heralds of Hope is all about.

– Jeremy Sensenig
Many new believers are then presented with their own copy of the Bible.

There is one more use of “conversion” in the world of raising funds for missions.  That is transitioning casual followers into passionate supporters. In my next blog on November 20, I’ll give 5 reasons why you should be a passionate supporter (if you are not one already.) Your gift will make a powerful impact for eternity through our strategic and powerful use of technology.  In the meantime, please consider “converting” and considering Heralds of Hope in your Year-End giving plans.  Thank you so much for your faithful support.

– Jeremy Sensenig

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