Honor Your Father
June 13, 2021

Honor Your Father

Passage: Galatians 5:22, 23

When you hear the word, "father," what pictures form in your mind? Are they pleasant scenes, or scenes you wish you could forget? No human being ever had a perfect father. Nor can we, who are fathers now, perfectly relate to our children because we are marred by sin. But don’t despair, the Bible has clear direction for Dads.

In both example and precept, we find so much in the Scriptures that will equip us to experience God’s best for us in our role as fathers. On our program today we honor faithful fathers, and we call them to a greater degree of faithfulness, to God, to His Word, to their families and to their churches. We believe that a return to a biblical understanding of fatherhood is the surest path to a revival of Christian belief and practice.

Even though Father's Day is next weekend, we pray God will use this program to help you prepare to commemorate this special day.

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