God’s Amazing Grace
August 1, 2021

God’s Amazing Grace

Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10

In chemistry, there are certain elements that, when you mix them, they’ll just sit there; there’s no reaction, no change. But, if you introduce the proper catalyst, it reacts with the elements to create an entirely new substance. A catalyst is an agent of change.

In our human experience, God’s grace is the catalyst for change. To continue the analogy, God and man are two separate elements. God is absolutely holy, above sin, and man is corrupt. In order for these elements to be brought together there needed to be a catalyst, an agent of change. That catalyst was God’s grace embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. Join Pastor J. Mark today to consider, “God’s Amazing Grace.”


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2 thoughts on “God’s Amazing Grace”

  1. Nelson Akinwande

    I give glory to God for His amazing Grace given to me in the Lord Jesus Christ. How much could I have paid for my salvation? He paid it all and saved my soul! And now I can have intimate fellowship with Him, seating in heavenly places. Alleluia! I can now be a herald of His gospel against sin, the world and the devil. Thank you brother John Mark Horst. Thank you Hope Heralds. God bless you all.

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