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The Heralds of Hope Library Box | Expand Your Spiritual Knowledge!

(Library Box Is Only Available to International Listeners)

“…Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ” 2 Peter 3:18

Are you looking for ways to expand your spiritual knowledge? Do you wish to add solid Christian Literature alongside your Bible reading? Or perhaps you are weary from feeling ill-prepared to minister to others. It might be that you just recently came to know the Lord, or you live where Christian literature is scarce.

Wherever you find yourself, a God-given desire to learn and to grow spiritually has sent you on this quest for Christian literature.  

Friend, you are on the right track! Free Christian literature by mail provides you with tools for personal spiritual growth and for sharing what you learn with others. No need to feel unprepared or spiritually famished anymore!  Satisfy the hunger within your soul and experience spiritual empowerment by expanding your knowledge of Jesus!

Our Christian literature is chosen from a community of trustworthy Christian teachers who, through careful study of the Bible expound Its truths on paper. From such carefully selected books, we compile the Hope Library Box. We believe in the importance of Christian discipleship.  

We prioritize widening the doors of discipleship for you by providing the Hope Library Box free of charge!

What the Hope Library Box Offers You!

You may be wondering…What is inside a Hope Library Box? What will you get when your free Christian Literature shows up at your front door? Although our available Christian Literature list varies, you can look forward to books along the lines of the following materials or themes.

Devotional Books

  • Bible Study Methods
  • Prayer
  • Bible Doctrines
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Gospel Tracts
free christian literature by mail

We recently added, “My Quiet Time with God” by Jon Kropf. This piece of Christian Literature is a devotional book with questions and blanks, arranged in a comparative overview of both the Old and New Testament.

Do you speak another language? Currently, the Hope Library Box contains resources only in the English language. However, our ministry partners in some countries have translated our tracts and a few sermon books into several languages. Your native language may be among them! Do not hesitate to fill out the request below, and we will do our best to connect you with free Christian discipleship resources in your own language.

Your Hope Library Box is ready and waiting for you! Simply, fill out the request below for your free Christian Literature. If you are located outside of the USA, when you submit a request for the Hope Library Box, we will contact a ministry partner working in your country to verify your request. We will need your phone number to ensure your Hope Library Box makes it to your specific location.

Are You Looking for More?

Does the Hope Library Box conclude your quest? Or do you have more on your mind? Whether you have unanswered questions about the Hope Library Box or desire more discipleship tools, Heralds of Hope offers more than just free Christian Literature. We are here to walk beside you, pray with you, and supply your spiritual needs.

 Your spiritual vitality is our top priority!