Ministry Opportunity: Cyclone Freddy – Malawi

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“This is very devastating!! We have been hard hit with non-stop rains for four days caused by the cyclone known as Freddy! Villages here in Malawi are being swept away, and crops, houses, and many lives are lost! Please, pray for Malawi for God’s mercies during this hard time, especially for the southern districts of Malawi!” ~ Pastor Andrew 

Cyclone Freddy, which developed on February 4 and dissipated on March 15, 2023, is now the longest-lasting storm in recorded history. At its peak, there were sustained winds of 165 mph equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. The storm made landfall in Mozambique on February 21, circled back out to sea and then made landfall again on March 11. 

Although the winds caused significant damage, the rainfall from the storm was even more destructive. During the first landfall, areas received 8-12 inches of rain, but on the second landfall, totals reached between 20 and 40 inches, with some localized areas getting as much as 59 inches of rain. 

Unfortunately, the cyclone arrived during a cholera outbreak and destroyed many crops that were ready to harvest, compounding the devastation. The current death toll in Malawi alone is almost 500. 

Heralds of Hope has distributed many Bibles to pastors’ groups throughout southern Malawi. Many of the pastors have been contacting us to tell us about the damage they have suffered. However, we are not equipped to provide humanitarian aid, so we have reached out to other organizations to see if they are interested in being part of the relief effort.  

Please keep the people of Malawi in your prayers as they endure this difficult time. We will share a link for getting involved once we find a partner organization working in Malawi. 
-Tony High

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