HOPE Products: The Hope News Tract

Tracts are one method of evangelizing. I personally like this method for several reasons.

  • The first is that sometimes you or the person you want to talk to does not have time for a conversation. For example, the checkout line at the store may be long but you have just enough time to offer them a tract to read.
  • The second reason is that sometimes I might not have the courage to talk to someone I don’t know but it feels easier to offer them something. Sometimes a tract can open the door to starting that hard conversation.  
  • Thirdly, you never know where that tract may end up. The person may not read it now but stick it in their pocket and then go home and lay it on the dresser. Perhaps months later they will read it when they are searching for the truth or going through a difficult time.

Our Hope News tract was written by the late Dr. J. Otis Yoder, the founder of Heralds of Hope. He was known for being able to make complex truths simple to understand. This tract does a good job at covering the different aspects of salvation in a simple way and can be a tool used for personal evangelism.

We currently use this tract in our Library Boxes that we send internationally that contain materials for discipleship and evangelism and hopefully it can be a tool that you can use to give eternal Hope to others. If you would like to see this tract, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to email you this tract and several others to download and print out for free! If you do not have access to print these out, please contact our office and request it.

– Austin Musser

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