HOPE Products: The Choice is Yours Tract

“The Choice Is Yours” is a small tract booklet that has an interesting background. It is a version of the “Heart Book” which originated in France in 1732. Our version is edited from a copy that was printed in the Republic of South Africa and was given to Heralds of Hope to use in the ministry by a Christian leader in Nigeria.

The booklet does a good job at laying the foundation for the gospel by showing the problem of the human heart apart from God and that we each have a choice that we need to make. It starts out with a section on everyone having a choice and how we contain a body, soul, and spirit. The author uses several hand-drawn pictures to illustrate the condition of the human heart.

There are seven conditions of the heart that the author expounds on. They are The Sinful Heart, The Yielding Heart, The Repenting Heart, The Fruitful Heart, The Divided Heart, The Captured Heart, and The Conquering Heart.

If you are looking for a tract that does not skim over the gospel message, this tract definitely goes beyond a quick, shallow gospel presentation.

-Austin Musser

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