HOPE Products: Daniel’s God

The biblical character, Daniel, is held in high esteem by the Scriptures. In fact, he is one of the only biblical characters about which nothing negative is written!  

The stories of Daniel’s life, contained in the first six chapters, are familiar and uncontroversial. They reveal much about God’s purposes and providence for Daniel. But the prophetic visions of the later chapters, their interpretation, and their application have generated much controversy. 

In this series of expositions from Daniel, Pastor J. Mark approaches the book with the goal of maintaining as literal an interpretation as possible. While not everyone will agree with the conclusions, they are offered with a spirit of openness and respect toward those who may differ.  

These 16 messages are offered with the hope that they will stimulate interest in the prophetic portions of Scripture that are so often neglected, and that they will stimulate the hope we have as Believers in the ultimate, universal reign of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

They are currently available on CD set or on a flash drive. For more information, call 717-485-4021 or email hope@heraldsofhope.org.

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