God of the Impossible

There are many situations we face in life that, to our limited vision, seem impossible. And yet, we have the words of Jesus, “with God all things are possible.” These words were spoken in the context of how difficult it is for a rich person to enter heaven, but they have a variety of applications in our lives.  

Recently, we learned that God has opened some “impossible” doors for our ministry partner in Asia Minor. They have been strongly urged by the leader of the regulatory body that controls radio and television to begin a station in Cyprus. This is incredible because their country is an Islamist country! 

In addition to this opportunity, there are two additional stations under consideration in their country. One of these would be in the city where first-century Believers were first called “Christians.” All of this is happening during a deepening economic crisis in Asia Minor. People are becoming discouraged and wondering how they’ll be able to survive. In these seemingly impossible situations, God is demonstrating His power.  

Finally, our partner is pursuing the purchase of an office building so they have a “permanent” home. Rent is high in this part of the world, and some landlords don’t want to rent space to Christian organizations. God has already provided more than 80% of the needed funds for the purchase of a building. They are trusting Him for the balance and are planning to purchase a building this Spring.  

If you have a heart for the people of Asia Minor and would like to assist in any of these projects, please contact us for more information. You can be a tool in God’s hand as He accomplishes the seemingly impossible!   

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