A Most Precious Gift – Year-End Fund

“Thank you for the Bible…

you sent to me in December 1988. It is the most precious gift I received after my conversion from Islam to Christianity. It has been my study Bible to date. I was ordained to Christian ministry in April of 1995. I don’t carry this Bible to preach. I use it for study, and it has become a concordance because of the many portions I have highlighted.”

What value do you put on the Word of God? Notice the description given by the Bible recipient above; he called it “the most precious gift.” The Psalmist (19:10) said of God’s word, “[It is] more desirable than a large quantity of the finest gold and sweeter than honey still in the comb.”Give Now!

This man’s HOPE Bible has lasted for 33 years and counting!

That’s why we distribute complete copies of God’s Word, not just the New Testament, and why we opt for a quality, durable, hardcover binding. To be good stewards, we also seek the lowest possible cost per copy.

Here are some pending Bible orders:
30,000 English | $150,000.00
10,000 Chichewa (Malawi) | $50,000.00
2,500 Tamil (India) | $10,000.00
5,000 Hausa Bibles (Nigeria) | $15,000.00
5,000 Telugu Bibles (India) | $20,000.00
500 Shona/Ndebele (Zimbabwe) | $5,000.00

The total above is 53,000 Bibles costing $250,000.00.

But the hunger for God’s Word is almost unlimited!

“We have received the Bibles and are so happy to read them and learn what God says to us. We thank those who have donated the Bibles through you so that you could distribute them to us freely. Unfortunately, there is still great demand by some Christians who have not received Bibles. We pray that the Bible donors will be blessed by God so that they remember many more people who have no Bibles. Please give our regard to the donors.”

Earlier this year, our Administrative Team set a goal of distributing 1 Million Bibles in 10 Years! Yes, this is an audacious goal, but in the limited time we’ve made this goal public, the response has been incredible.

Will you help us put a Bible in the hands of 100,000 eager recipients in 2022? It will
mean so much to people just like this one:

“My heart is swelling and overflowing with great joy for the very precious gift of Bibles that you have provided to the very needy households and pastors. This is truly the most valuable possession. We say thanks to God, and thanks to you and your team, and thanks to your donors. The Word of God is His very instruction for our lives.”

God’s Word is powerful as He states in Isaiah 55:11:

“It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please.”

We are humbled and glad we can give God’s Word to so many hungry people. We are thrilled to see their excitement at receiving their own Bible. We would love to have you join us in providing His Word to more people. If we raise more than our current need, this will give even more Bibles to more people.

Please contact us if you have any questions. As always, we appreciate your support, and we could not do this without you.

Sincerely, in the HOPE of the Gospel,
Anthony High, Executive Director
and the Heralds of Hope Team

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